About TMG

THE MORNING GLORY Ltd ethos is to be constantly searching for the best brands in the market-place, to achieve ‘that look’ which will compliment any man’s wardrobe. If you are looking for long-lasting style and brands steeped in European/World heritage, then, I believe TMG has it covered. With such iconic brands from Italy, Germany and beyond. Please look at our latest range, with more brands to follow in the not too distant future.

"The emergence of Britpop showed us that fashion began to 'smarten-up' even in and amongst the chemical generation."

The Story

As a child in the 1970’s, I grew up in flares, plimsoles and plaid shirts, later to be followed by drainpipes, adidas trainers and iconic t-shirts. The football culture engulfed most of us in the 1980’s with it’s casual fashion and the music scene from new romantics, New Order to Baggy Madchester, right up to the Acid House phenomenon later that decade.

The 1990’s roared in with electronic, hardcore and dance music (enter baggy t-shirts, trainers) still at the forefront, closely followed by a fleeting grunge scene (plaid shirts and doc martin boots) and funky Acid Jazz (Adidas Gazelle’s). The emergence of Britpop showed us that fashion began to smarten-up even in and amongst the chemical generation. So, fast-forward to today, if you experienced all the aforementioned first time around it was a blast wasn’t it (?) and if not well, this is what my site will hopefully offer you, a mixture, an alternative, a glimpse of the past whilst firmly stood in the present.

The Vision

TMG believe that every man’s wardrobe should reflect their personality… it’s so easy to get lost in ‘re-hashed’ fashions and go for a ‘quick-fix’ look to feel good but, how long before this feeling ebbs away? Men’s higher-end fashion can be a little more expensive but, can you really put a price on looking and feeling this good? Dress to impress!

"Every man's wardrobe should reflect their personality."